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Before we can commence hydrotherapy or laser treatment for your pet, we must obtain consent and any relevant medical history from your vet, this is a straight forward process that we will usually do on your behalf, if your pet hasn’t been seen by your vet recently this may require a health check before their consent is given.


We ask you not to feed your dog for up to 3 hours prior to a swimming/treadmill session and not to feed them for up to 2 hours after each session.

We also ask for you to bring a towel with you. It is important if your dog is on medication that has to be given at certain times or with food that you inform us and we will make sure your appointment time does not conflict, altering your medication time.


For your first consultation we allow approximately 45 to 60 minutes, this gives us time to settle in and get to know your pet and get them comfortable with the new environment while doing a full health check and discussing you and your pet’s needs.

We will also use our stance analyser, which detects unequal weight distribution, provides objective unbiased data and Provides reliable assessment of results as treatments progress.

We also assess range of movement and look at your pets gait. During this process, your hydrotherapist will use this information along with the medical history form your vet to formulate a treatment plan for your pet and discuss this with you.


In most cases your pet will require a number of follow up appointments, at each of these we will discuss how your pet has been since their last session, and if there has been any changes or new conditions we should be aware of.

The length of session of active swim time depends on your dogs condition, age, needs and ability, therefore the initial time in either the pool or treadmill can be quite short. to start with and we will gradually increase session lengths as your pets health and fitness allows.

If your plan includes K-laser this will be performed before the swim.


After each hydrotherapy session every dog gets rinsed off with the option of being shampooed, we will then give them a hair dry and towel rub down.

In colder months we advise to bring a coat to keep them nice and warm on the way home.


There is plenty of onsite parking available at our centre.


There is a green to the left hand side of our centre where dogs can toilet before entering reception. A Bin and bags are provided for your convenience


Hydrotherapy is controlled exercise that takes place in warm water.

This can be done in either a hydrotherapy pool, that offers a completely non-weight bearing environment or an aquatic treadmill, that offers partially weight bearing exercise.

Exercising in warm water allows the muscles to relax and as joints are offloaded, it helps to achieve a better range of movement through the joints.
It can also provide mental stimulation and improved wellbeing due to the release of endorphins and fun which is particularly helpful for dogs with restricted land exercise. Other benefits include increased circulation, reduction in pain, stiffness and muscle spasms, improved muscle strength and tone, improved gait patterning and cardiovascular fitness.

Hydrotherapy is helpful for many conditions including:
– Hip and elbow dysplasia
– Osteoarthritis
– Cruciate injuries
– Patella Luxation
– Spinal injuries

Neurological conditions
– Osteochondritis Dissecans
– Mobility issues related to obesity and age
– Pre and post-surgery
– Post fracture repair
– Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries

Yes, our water is kept at 28-30 degrees to ensure therapeutic benefits.

Yes, as per the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, we only work under veterinary referral. Whether it is for rehabilitation or just fun and fitness, a referral form will need to be completed by your registered veterinary surgeon to ensure your dog is in suitable health to swim and to ensure they have no conditions that may be exasperated by hydrotherapy. We fill out the form and send this to your registered veterinary surgeon.

This will be decided by your specific veterinary surgeon, but hydrotherapy is usually suitable between 4-6 weeks post-operative. However, the K Laser can be started much earlier, to improve wound healing and manage pain.

Yes, we allow dogs of the same family to swim together as long as they are happy and comfortable to do so. This would need to be booked in at specific times to ensure that there is one hydrotherapist per dog in the water.

Unfortunately, we do not allow members of the public in the water with their dogs. However, there will always be a qualified, professional canine hydrotherapist in the water with your dogs. You can also stay with your dog and watch and get involved by helping motivate them the whole session

Yes, we have lots of dogs that come to us for fun, fitness, to build confidence and for an introduction to water.

Lakes and rivers will very rarely reach the same temperature as a hydrotherapy pool or treadmill, and therefore will not have the same therapeutic benefits. Swimming in cold water can actually be counter-productive for your dogs, as it causes their muscles to constrict which could lead to stiffness and spasms and reduced blood circulation. This is particularly important with older dogs with arthritis as cold joints can become stiff and painful.
It is essential to monitor how much exercise your dog is doing and that they are doing the correct movement to ensure they do not exacerbate any existing problems.
Getting in and out of lakes and rivers can also be dangerous due to steep muddy banks and strong currents.
There is also a risk of pollution and water borne diseases that could put your dogs in danger when swimming in lakes and rivers. Our hydrotherapy pool and treadmill are both tested and treated regularly to ensure your dog is safe at all times.

Each dog is different, so this does depend on each dogs age, weight, capability, medical condition and their reason for treatment. However, we aim to see some positive improvements and offer a reassessment after 10-12 sessions.

Yes, as our water is treated with chorine every dog will be rinsed after their hydrotherapy session. We also offer a shampoo service if requested for an additional charge depending on the size of your dog.

We suggest bringing some toys and treats with you to motivate your dog as we want to make each session as positive as possible. We also recommend bringing a towel with you as some dogs can become anxious or noise sensitive to the drying equipment. Dogs that are older and have medical conditions will also benefit from a towelling coat or robe to wear after their session.

We recommend that your dog is not fed for 3 hours before and 2 hours after their session. This is very important to prevent medical issues such as bloat.

Yes, we allow other dogs to come to the centre and watch our sessions. Alternatively, if you wish to bring your second dog for a swim, we offer a second dog discount.

Many dogs that have never swum before start hydrotherapy for confidence building and to ensure they know how to swim. We aim to make each and every dog as comfortable and happy as possible during their sessions no matter how much experience they have had previously in water. Some dogs take a few sessions to become completely comfortable with the new situation but generally the majority of dogs love it! We take our time to gain your dogs trust and confidence and make them as comfortable as possible in all sessions. We aim to make all sessions a positive experience for the dogs.

Yes, we love treating cats here as well as dogs.

Hydrotherapy is a great form of exercise for puppies that are still growing as it is a non- weight bearing exercise which allows no pressure on their growing joints.
It is also a great way for puppies to build their confidence in water and new situations.

Yes, your dog will always have at least one qualified canine hydrotherapist in the water with them.

Yes, in conjunction with an amended diet, swimming or treadmill sessions are a brilliant way to burn calories and help your dog lose weight.

No, the chemicals we use are always kept within the safety guidelines for human swimming pools. Our water is tested and treated multiple times a day to ensure levels are kept correctly to ensure the water is hygienic and safe for your dogs to swim. Our hydrotherapists are fully trained in water management to ensure chemical levels are monitored throughout the day.

Each insurance company has its own policy regarding canine hydrotherapy and K Laser treatments, but you should always contact your insurance company to find out if they do cover hydrotherapy or laser therapy.

Every dog is different, so the choice of equipment used for the sessions depends on many things such as the dogs breed, age, medical condition and experience in water.

The hydrotherapy pool allows dogs to exercise in a completely non-weight bearing environment which relieves any pressure on joints, relieving pain and encouraging better range of movement. The pool is used for many reasons such as osteoarthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, weight loss management and fun and fitness.
The underwater treadmill offers a partial non-weight bearing environment and can be very useful for dogs post-operatively, nervous of water, and conditions where it is important to keep movement aligned and gait re-education. The treadmill offers a 360 degree view of the dog which allows better assessment of their gait.

Hydrotherapy is not about how long your dog does in the pool or treadmill. It is a slow process to build up your dogs exercise tolerance, fitness and stamina. We concentrate on slowly strengthening your dogs in a safe controlled environment. Additionally, the 30-minute session time includes getting your dogs dressed and prepared for the session, when on our resting platform in the pool this may include some gentle massage technics to help ease any tight muscles or core stability work on ramp as well as rinsed and dryed afterwards.

On your first visit to us we will start with going through your dog’s medical history and discussing any concerns, conditions and behaviours to get as much information as possible before starting the session. In this time, we also carry out a gait analysis and health check, this all allows us to get to know your dog and gain their trust.
We will then use the stance analyser to assess how much weight your dog is putting through each limb, this is so we can track any offloading or abnormalities and reassess in 10-12 sessions time.
During your initial consultation we will discuss a hydrotherapy treatment plan with you and gain an understanding of some goals you wish to achieve through hydrotherapy.
After the paperwork has all been completed, we will then take you through to either the pool or treadmill room and allow your dog some time to have a look around and settle in their new environment and fit them with an appropriate harness or floatation jacket Then with a slow introduction your session will begin.
Once the session has ended, we will guide your dog to our shower rooms and ensure they are thoroughly rinsed.

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Additional charge for second therapist
Shampoo for small breeds
Shampoo for medium breeds
Shampoo for large/extra large breeds
K-Laser stand-alone treatment
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