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Fun & Fitness


In addition to our rehabilitation programs, we have many clients that use us for fun and fitness swims, these are ideal for pet dogs, working dogs and showing dogs. Hydrotherapy conditions the canine athlete to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and core strength, in fact it is one of the best total body conditioning exercises a dog can take part in.


Fun and fitness swims are great for first time swimmers, nervous dogs and puppies and it helps them build confidence as well as being an excellent way for healthy dogs to exercise in a new safe and fun environment. Most dogs love to swim and the mental stimulation and cardiovascular workout should provide a quiet evening for the owner and a happy content healthy dog!


As hydrotherapy in the pool is non weight bearing, it is an excellent form of exercise for young dogs, as it is a safe way to burn off excess energy without the risk of damage to developing bones and joints. In addition, the mental stimulation and socialising opportunity in a completely safe environment will provide a host of benefits during your puppies growth and development.

Some people believe all dogs are natural swimmers, but while most dogs instinctively try a doggy paddle if they find themselves in water, that doesn’t mean they can swim or even stay afloat, so learning to swim properly in a safe controlled environment will provide a great life skill in the same way humans are encouraged too.

At Hainault Hydrotherapy we will swim dogs from 4 months old, provided they are fully vaccinated, subject to usual veterinary consent.

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Hydrotherapy has kept my boy in top condition for showing at Crufts.

Fun/Fitness & Show Dogs

Chesters hind limbs were paralysed when he first arrived with Charlotte as an in-patient following surgery. He had intense Laser, Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy. Within 3 months I could not believe the remarkable progress, Chester can now walk, run and enjoy life again as a normal dog. Without the hard work of Charlotte and her dedicated team, Chester would most definitely not be here now.