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Established in 2006 Hainault Hydrotherapy Centre provides the very best care and range of treatments at its purpose-built facilities near Romford Essex.

We are a centre of excellence providing custom treatment plans using the latest state of the art equipment, including Inground Pool, Water Treadmill, K-Laser and stance analysis. We are one of only a handful of centres in the country to be able to offer all these facilities in one place.

Many local vets and leading orthopaedic and neurological specialists refer clients to us, we are passionate about you and your pet and aim to give you the best treatment plan to provide the best quality of life for your baby.

We work alongside your vet and recommend the renowned physiotherapist Sarah Sanford from Physio-Vision as a multi module team can be essential to provide the best possible outcome.

Our dedicated, professional and highly trained therapists will deliver a gentle skilled approach to your pets care providing a comprehensive rehabilitation package designed on each clients individual needs.

Hainault Hydrotherapy offer canine and feline rehabilitation using both the hydrotherapy pool and water treadmill. The choice of hydrotherapy method used is dependent upon the animal’s injury/condition, breed and behaviour. The treadmill is especially good for water phobic dogs.

Hainault Hydrotherapy are registered with NARCH (National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists) and follow a strict code of conduct to ensure the safety of our patients.

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Hydrotherapy is a controlled, non-weight bearing or reduced weight bearing exercise depending on use of pool or treadmill in heated warm water.

The dog or cat must work hard to move through the water which in turn helps to increase muscle condition and cardiovascular fitness, this is perfect if a patient is on restricted exercise on land.

Some exercise may be too challenging for the animal on land but by carrying them out in a reduced weight bearing environment which relieves pressure and load on their joints, reducing pain encourages a better range of movement which in time will improve gait and strengthen muscle condition and core.

Whether you have a pet recovering from injury/surgery, a senior, puppy or show dog, hydrotherapy can help with a whole range of conditions and general fitness.

Canine hydrotherapy is a complimentary therapy that aids your pets in the recovery of post-operative procedures and in the management and maintenance of long-term joint disease, arthritis and obesity. When used after surgery or injury this will aid a speedier recovery.

However, it is best that this is done in a controlled environment at the optimal temperature to ensure the safety and health of your pet under the supervision of a trained professional.

When a dog is swimming through the water or walking against it in the treadmill the hydrostatic pressure of the water puts pressure on the chest making breathing more difficult resulting in making the heart and lungs work harder in order to meet the increased demand for nutrients by all the muscles which are being worked, which leads to an improved respiratory and cardio vascular system.

Common Conditions that benefit from Hydrotherapy Treatment:

  • Pre and post-operative orthopaedic conditions
  • Neurological conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
  • Soft Tissue injuries
  • Degenerative and medical conditions
  • Weight Management
  • Pain Management
  • Balance Training
  • Fitness
  • Mental Health and Well being

Benefits & improvements to patients after Hydrotherapy Treatment:

  • Improved joint range of movement & mobility
  • Improvement of respiratory Function
  • Improved Cardiovascular function
  • Improved strength and stamina
  • Reduction of swelling/stiffness
  • Increased blood flow
  • Increase in muscle mass and tone
  • Provides Mental Stimulation
In addition to treating specific conditions your pet will benefit from an Improved feeling of wellbeing and confidence as well as having fun!


Initial consultation
Hydrotherapy sessions
Additional charge for second therapist
Shampoo for small breeds
Shampoo for medium breeds
Shampoo Large and X/Large Breeds
K-Laser stand-alone treatment
K-Laser add on to hydrotherapy session

Our services.

We are a centre of excellence providing custom treatment plans using the latest state of the art equipment, including Inground Pool, Water Treadmill, K-Laser and stance analysis.

5m x 3m heated pool


5m x 3m heated pool

The pool is heated between 28 to 30 degrees which is the optimum temperature for rehabilitation.

Record and monitor progress


Record and monitor progress

Our on site boarding kennels, Bed and Biscuits have been built with the comfort of your pets as the main priority, a small facility with 35 kennels and 8 cattery units allows our staff to give your pet the loving care and attention they deserve.

State of the art Tudor treadmill


State of the art Tudor treadmill

The treadmill is ideal for dogs to exercise whilst supported by the warm water to gain an excellent range of movement.

Great for fitness and general weight loss


Great for fitness and general weight loss

At Hainault Hydrotherapy we have a purpose built kennel situated just a short walk from the pool.

Class IV laser treatments


Class IV laser treatments

We have a separate shower and drying room allowing your dog to be rinsed, shampooed and dried.

Suitable for a large variety of conditions


Suitable for a large variety of conditions

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