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Osteoarthritis is one of the very common conditions we treat here at Hainault hydrotherapy.

Did you know it is the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs. It affects 4 out of 5 older dogs. Arthritis cannot currently be cured. It remains a progressive disease but hydrotherapy can help maintain a good quality of life at Hainault hydrotherapy our combined K laser treatment and hydrotherapy has had fantastic results for some of our patients to keep them mobile and comfortable for many years.

Working alongside your vet, physiotherapist or other alternative treatments such as acupuncture and massage has shown positive effects, a combination is quite often recommended for best results.

Like humans the best results are achieved after early diagnosis, so always keep vet check ups and let them know if you have any concerns.

You can also minimise its progression by reducing exacerbating factors such as slippery floors, lots of stairs, heavy walks, and inappropriate nutrition when young.

There are also lots of ways to attempt to biologically control the negative inflammation within the joint that leads to arthritis, using good quality, reliable supplements, disease modifying drugs and progressive joint medications.

You can ensure that the major negative side-effect of arthritis, pain, is well controlled for the rest of the dog’s life. Arthritis is a very debilitating disease in humans and dogs, and research into it continues. Maybe one day we will know how to cure it!

For lots of useful information please visit CAM (canine arthritis management) they have a huge wealth of knowledge and resources, founded by Hannah Capon, a veterinary surgeon with a passion of helping educate owners with arthritic dogs, check her out!

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“Kali is 12 years old. I took her to Hainault Hydrotherapy after she was diagnosed with arthritis. She was really struggling to get up in the morning and her exercise had dramatically decreased as she just couldn’t cope. Kali loves her treatments and I did not expect to see such truly amazing results! This treatment has made her able to return to her normal walks with comfort, she even runs up and down the garden. She really has improved so much. Thank you ladies so much for helping improve her quality of life.”