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Senior Swims

Lupo is now 11 years old. Hydrotherapy has been an astonishing success, thank you Charlotte and the team for helping Lupo live an active pain free life while having so much fun at the same time.

Puppy Swims

Thank you so much for making my puppies day! She absolutely loves her sessions.

Fun/Fitness & Show Dogs

Hydrotherapy has kept my boy in top condition for showing at Crufts.


Chesters hind limbs were paralysed when he first arrived with Charlotte as an in-patient following surgery. He had intense Laser, Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy. Within 3 months I could not believe the remarkable progress, Chester can now walk, run and enjoy life again as a normal dog. Without the hard work of Charlotte and her dedicated team, Chester would most definitely not be here now.


Bagsy had a spinal stroke which left him unable to walk and also suffered from arthritis. He was recommended to Hainault Hydrotherapy and we started a combined treatment plan of K Laser & hydrotherapy. After a few months bagsy started to walk again. He regained muscle and coordination. The girls are very welcoming, knowledgeable, and reassuring. We feel so lucky to have found them.

Crutiate Disease

Dudley had TPLO surgery after damaging his cruciate. As soon as the vet permitted, we attended Hainault Hydrotherapy as his muscle tone had completely wasted away and he was still very sore. He had a combination of treadmill and laser treatments. Within a few months he had improved dramatically, he was fitter than before and is back to enjoying his walks with the other dogs. Thank you so much for the care and attention the girls showed us.


Kali is 12 years old. I took her to Hainault Hydrotherapy after she was diagnosed with arthritis. She was really struggling to get up in the morning and her exercise had dramatically decreased as she just couldn’t cope. Kali loves her treatments and I did not expect to see such truly amazing results! This treatment has made her able to return to her normal walks with comfort, she even runs up and down the garden. She really has improved so much. Thank you ladies so much for helping improve her quality of life.

Weight Loss

Ernie had gained weight and the vet said he needed to lose 6kg which sounded quite a feat. He referred us to Hainault Hydrotherapy to aid his weight loss along with a strict diet. He took to swimming like a duck to water and to say he really enjoyed it would be an understatement! The facilities are great and the staff are lovely. I was so pleased that by Christmas we had got down to his target weight, he couldn’t have done it without the Hydrotherapy.

Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia

Charlie has been attending Hainault Hydrotherapy for Laser treatment for 8 weeks now and we have really noticed a difference. He seems much more willing to climb hills and to play with other dogs and we can tell it has really helped his arthritis.

As well as attending laser treatment, Charlie also has regular physiotherapy and acupuncture and the teams there have really noticed the difference in him since starting the Laser. He is much more comfortable through his lumbar spine and continues to show improvements week on week.

Ruptured Cruciate Ligament

Due to his age, when Chester ruptured his cruciate ligament, I didn’t want to put him through an operation, and with plenty of rest he seemed to make a good recovery.

We have been having the treatment for about 2 months now, and it has helped him so much. Before he was still a bit lame on his leg, and sometimes had a slight limp due to arthritis in the joint. But since starting the treatment, he has been nearly back to 100% he’s off lead, up and down stairs and trots about with no issues. I believe that without having the laser treatments he wouldn’t have progressed as far as he has, without the need for an operation.