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About Us


Hainault Hydrotherapy was one of the first centres to open in Essex in 2006, we strive to provide the best facilities, treatments and level of customer care available.

We have recently undergone a major refurbishment enhancing our facilities by increasing the pool size and part sinking it in the ground, invested in a new state of the art treadmill (with incline), K-Laser and stance analysis. All of which are provided in a clean, safe purpose-built centre providing a relaxed environment for you and your pet.

All our staff are chosen for their professionalism, experience and personal skills and all have a love and dedication to animals and their health and wellbeing.


The Team at Hainault Hydrotherapy are passionate about rehabilitation and the overall wellbeing of all animals and focus on providing the best possible quality of life for your pet. We aim to provide specialist care and support for our patients and clients and will give you the right information, help and support to achieve the best possible results. Whatever your dogs age or problem we achieve real results so together you continue your timeless love, bond and partnership.

All clients and patients will be treated with respect, dignity and understanding. You and your pet will be warmly welcomed, and treated on an individual basis, no 2 cases are the same and using our extensive range of equipment, our aim is to restore and maintain mobility, core stability ,function and independence using the correct combination of treatments. We will build a therapeutic bond with your pet to gain their trust and confidence and will always keep you fully informed of progress and changes to treatment plans, as you are very much an important part of your pets rehabilitation journey.

Hainault Hydrotherapy offer canine and feline rehabilitation, our facilities are among the most comprehensive in the UK, The stance analyser is used to initially assess and monitor your pets progress and a tailor made programme will be made this may be solely pool based hydrotherapy or in our water treadmill and sometimes a combination treatment may be suggested in conjunction with K-Laser therapy every dog has different needs and we will recommend the best course of treatment based on the individual patient.

The Birth of Hainault Hydrotherapy

After seeing the amazing benefits of hydrotherapy in the rehabilitation of her own dog and best friend Harry, a beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux. He was such a sweet gentle soul but sadly as he got older, he suffered with elbow dysplasia and he tore his cruciate ligament. After surgery to fix this the vet suggested hydrotherapy.

At the time canine hydrotherapy was relatively new in the UK and the nearest centre was over an hours drive away but Harry was taken twice a week until he was back to full health.

Charlotte could not believe how well he recovered and could see how much this had helped him.

At first Harry was unable to weight bear on his leg and his muscle tone was virtually non-existent.

Harry became very depressed and was not the dog we knew but within a few weeks of starting hydrotherapy his range of movement and muscle tone had improved he was now weight bearing and the swelling around his joint was nearly gone. He was a much happier and more comfortable dog getting back to his old self again.

Seeing how much this helped her dog in his time of need, Charlotte knew then that she wanted to be a part of helping the health and wellbeing of others animal friends and this was the career she wanted to pursue, and has never looked back!

Sadly, Harry passed away, but he lives on in all the good work we do here, without him this centre wouldn’t exist.

“I want to thank my best friend, my beautiful Bordeaux Harry who has now sadly passed. I couldn’t have done it without him. I love and miss you every day Harry and I now have my dream job because of you. Sleep tight x x x”

Contact us to discuss your treatment

Bagsy had a spinal stroke which left him unable to walk and also suffered from arthritis. He was recommended to Hainault Hydrotherapy and we started a combined treatment plan of K Laser & hydrotherapy. After a few months bagsy started to walk again. He regained muscle and coordination. The girls are very welcoming, knowledgeable, and reassuring. We feel so lucky to have found them.


Chesters hind limbs were paralysed when he first arrived with Charlotte as an in-patient following surgery. He had intense Laser, Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy. Within 3 months I could not believe the remarkable progress, Chester can now walk, run and enjoy life again as a normal dog. Without the hard work of Charlotte and her dedicated team, Chester would most definitely not be here now.





Having a passion and love of animals from an early age Charlotte has been involved with animals for many years originally working with horses, she then experiences the results hydrotherapy could produce and decided to dedicate her time to helping other dogs through rehabilitation. She gets a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from working closely with the animals and seeing the improvement they make. Her belief in striving for the best possible care and continually reinvesting to improve facilities and add new services has made the centre what it is today.

Throughout the years charlotte has ensured she has kept up with latest qualifications, knowledge and techniques in order to provide the best possible level of care available. She is a certified K Laser specialist and has gained her level 3 and level 4 diploma in small animal hydrotherapy, and is currently completing the level 5 qualification. Charlotte carries out hours of research and CPD every year to ensure we are fully up to date with knowledge and techniques.

In her spare time she loves spending time with her son Charlie who is also a keen animal lover and loves to help swim the family dogs Albert and Daisy.



Lottie realised at a young age that animals was her passion and sought work within the medical industry.

After undertaking some work experience here in 2007 seeing the difference the right rehabilitation program makes to dogs quality of life she went on to complete her small animal certificate and diploma in hydrotherapy and became part of the team.

Lottie has worked here for nearly 13 years and took a break a couple of years ago to go back to university to complete her degree in animal therapy and canine body work and has also become a certified K Laser specialist.

Since then she has had a beautiful baby girl and loves nothing more in her spare time than to take her dogs for a walks in the countryside and spend quality time with her little girl.



Mary has always had a love for animals, especially dogs! As a family they have rescued various breeds of dog and this has led her to always want to pursue a career with dogs.

Around 7 years ago she was introduced to the power of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy after one of her dogs became severely injured. With a poor prognosis, it was amazing to see him return to full strength, thanks to the many benefits of hydrotherapy.

From this point she was keen to become involved in the rehabilitation world, and in 2014 began a degree in animal therapy, with the plan to continue studying for a master’s in veterinary physiotherapy.

After completing her degree, she completed a Level 3 Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy. Whilst studying for her degree she became a client at Hainault Hydrotherapy. She loved the team and the ethos of the company, and when the opportunity came up to be a part of the team, she jumped at it!

Since working for Hainault Hydrotherapy she has continued her studies and has now also completed the Level 4 certificate in small animal hydrotherapy, a certified K Laser specialist and remains keen to further her knowledge and skills.

In her spare time she loves snuggles with her dog Lola, walks on the beach and horse riding.



In 2014 Megan was working in an office dealing with insurance but knew that this was not her passion and that she really wanted to pursue a career in animal care.

To make this happen she started volunteering at our onsite kennels and cattery, Bed & Biscuits and instantly knew it was the right decision.

After two months volunteering, she started an animal care apprenticeship and hydrotherapy courses.

Since working for Hainault Hydrotherapy she has completed a Level 3 certificate and diploma in hydrotherapy and a level 4 Certificate in hydrotherapy, along with a certified K Laser specialist. Megan continues to learn and expand her knowledge through other courses and CPD and is currently in the process of completing her level 5 hydrotherapy certificate.

It became apparent very quickly that Megan has a calm and caring approach with even the most anxious animals really helping them feel at ease and receive maximum benefits from their treatments.

Seeing hydrotherapy work for so many dogs and cats has been fascinating and Megan feels lucky to enjoy her work whilst helping so many animals recover and has also seen the results hydrotherapy can produce in three of her own dogs Buddy, Dudley and Humphrey.

In her spare time Megan enjoys forest walks with her dogs, seeing the world and travelling.



Chloe was first introduced to hydrotherapy and rehabilitation while completing her BSC (Hons) Animal Science degree and has been hooked ever since. She has always been an animal lover and really enjoys forming a connection with our clients and 4 pawed friends.

Since completing her degree, she has gone onto completing her level 3 qualification in hydrotherapy and has become a certified K laser specialist. She is keen to further her knowledge and is looking forward to completing more courses in the future.

In her spare time Chloe loves to swim her own cats and dogs, have sofa cuddles and enjoying horse riding.



From a young age Summer always knew she wanted to work with animals and grew up with a wide range of them throughout her life. She has always had a love for animals and never gave up on her passion to someday be able to work with them.

While studying Level 3 Animal Management in college, she volunteered in the kennels and cattery on site and observed some hydrotherapy sessions before taking on an apprentice role in the hydrotherapy centre.

After a month of seeing her care and passion for hydrotherapy she was offered a full-time position and has now completed her Level 3 and level 4 certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy, as well as completing K-Laser therapy course and now being a certified K Laser specialist .

From working at Hainault hydrotherapy centre she has learnt so much and enjoys working with all the dogs and cats that come through our door watching them progress each session.

In her spare time Summer loves to spend time with her family and friends especially her little nephew, Jayden.